When you feel like your husband doesn’t love you anymore

It isn?t easy when you feel like love has died.

When you feel like your husband doesn’t love you anymore, or at least acts like he doesn’t. When you’re asking ‘Why my husband doesn’t love me anymore’?

It’s a desperate place.

I know ? I?ve been there.

I?ve been lonely inside a relationship. Known the coldness of a warm bed shared with someone who just isn?t into you anymore. I know the fear, I know the heartache and most of all I want to reach out and say ? don?t give up ? you?re not alone.

There are things you can do at this point when you’ve had enough. Life feels worthless. Empty. You don’t know how long he’ll stick around or until he chases another woman. Hell, you don’t even know if he’s being faithful now – his eyes wander so much.

And worse still, it seems no matter what you do you have no idea how to make a husband love you. All your efforts to give him pleasure seem futile because you don’t know how men think or how to make your husband happy anymore.

Of course, you once did. Or you wouldn’t be together… but those days seem long gone and you can’t believe you’re asking ‘how do I get my husband to love me again’?

There are many reasons love can go stale inside a relationship and let me say that the path back to light is not fast and easy for anyone usually. Miracles aside. It?s about changing habits. And, most importantly, changing the we think. And this goes for women as well as men. We all know the old saying ?it takes two? and it does.

Are you ready for change? Ready for what it might take of you? Ready to give it everything and by that I mean be open to looking at the world a new way. Ready to see things from a perspective that will help you understand what are men thinking and how to understand men? If so, I came across a course that offers a path way for that.

But first here are the three things I recommend you must have before you will benefit from the course I recommend on how to make a husband love you:

1. Intention to broaden your perspective and see the world through someone else?s eyes

2. Commitment to change yourself and bring your best self to your relationship

3. Embrace the unknown and try new things and take action

Yes? Yes! Lock in those three things. Commit to them.

And now? With those in place you are ready to be introduced to an amazing eye-opening course called Secret Survey.

As women who want to know how to make your husband happy or how to make your husband love you ? this course is GOLD.

I wish I had learned these things years ago!

If you have the above three intentions, I do recommend you check it out.

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  2. Rialyn Valderama

    Hi. Im Mrs. Rialyn Valderama from Philippines. Pls give me advices about my treatment to my husband.. We were swearthearts before we got married unplanned. I was pregnant that time and when he came back here in our country, he decided to marry me for our son. As time went by, I discovered that I was the 2nd woman in this life, but I was the legal wife. My self-esteem got low. Lately, it seems that he don’t love me that much I do because, he gave his ATM to his mother and sisters without informing me. He just told me about the ATM when I checked his bankbook account. Everytime I ask him.. “What is your plan now to our family, since we have a son now” he will tell me with eritated voice.. just wait!. It hurts me. Just now, I learned from him also that his sibling and mother are first from his list in life. in where, all his siblings have their own families too. I’m so mad with my hubsand and I tell him that, I don’t feel that I have a husband. He can make decisions from now on and I will make decision about my son and mine. Does my words right? pls need your advice. thank you.

  3. uthaya

    my future husband does not love me like before..before that he give more love and caring but nowdays he avoid me very badly..how i have overcome this problem? i cried to him many time but he never care about that.please help me

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