How to make a husband love you

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Thanks for checking out my blog. You’ve come to the right place if you’re after some strategies on how to make a husband love you and if you’re looking for a review of Secret Survey, the tell-all inside guide to how men think and what men really want, by relationship expert and coach Michael Fiore.

Before I go any further, I want you to know I will be giving you an unrestricted, unbiased and honest review of Michael’s ‘understanding men’ and relationship course for women. I’m going to tell you the ESSENTIAL things you must know before committing to this course, the good, the bad & the ugly. That way you can work out if it’s really for you or not before you get inside.

This is a review site:

Click here to visit Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey Official Website

So who exactly is Michael Fiore and what is Secret Survey?

Relationship coach and Secret Survey creatorMichael Fiore is a relationship expert who has appeared on many TV shows teaching men and women how to bring romance and love back into their life. Now he has made a course exclusively for women who want to understand how men think and what men really want you can keep your marriage or relationship. :-)

He teaches from a unique, open and tell-it-like-it-is space. He brings to the course his gift of radical honesty, the secret survey results of thousands of men like your partner, and offers direct actionable help for women out there who want to know how to make him want you more and exactly how to keep your marriage.

What I like most about him is his realism and practicality.

He doesn’t make healing a relationship out to be easy. He doesn’t make out there’s something wrong with you that you have to change drastically.

He does offer easy to follow and simple steps and actions.

Don’t check out Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey if you aren’t ready to see the world differently.

What is Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey?

‘Secret Survey’ is a comprehensive eCourse that is based on a huge secret survey of men that reveals exactly how men think about relationships, how they experience relationships, what works and what doesn’t, so that women can finally get inside their partner’s minds, written for women on how to make a husband love you, by expert and veteran relationship coach Michael Fiore.

The course is easy to engage with as it’s delivered totally online as a series of 8 lessons delivered by video and short PDF reports, that you will get links to by email every few days.

I don’t agree with everything in the course, but all of it is fodder for you to start digesting and thinking more about men and what men really want and of course what you really want and how to be the best lover and wife you can be! If you feel like your husband doesn’t love you anymore then this course may be just what you need.

Yes, things will look different once you’ve gone through it. It’s inevitable. But changed perspectives are vital for if change in relationships is to occur. You’re thinking will probably be changed – and you will also learn these things over the email/online video course:

What you learn in Secret Survey

1. How women suffer in relationships when they expect men to be like women

2. How to stop emotionally paralyzing men and freezing up communication

3. How to identify emotional carstration and how to turn it around

4. The poison of female insecurity and how it destroys relationships and how to turn it around

5. What really goes on in men’s mind when they look at other women and porn

6. What makes men cheat and how to keep your marriage intact

7. What appearance and looks mean to your man

8. What men really want sexually

9. Why he doesn’t compliment you anymore

10. Why he looks at other women and what it means for you

Michael doesn’t just talk about things, he gives great illustrated examples so women will understand how the ideas work in real life, and in every lesson he gives action steps for women to take immediately to create change. This is a great structure for getting new results.

All of these things might help you know how to make your husband love you if you listen openly and then implement them and take action on them.

I’ve read many guides on relationships and this would be one the most solid for being practical and having action steps for the learner so that the course goes from being head knowledge to real skills.

Click here to check out: Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey

What are the bad things in Secret Survey?

If we look for negatives we can find them in anything, and most products have something that’s not perfect.

The main flaws I noticed after doing the course:

  • The course is CONFRONTING. This is not necessarily bad, as encountering new ideas helps EXPAND YOUR THINKING.
  • Michael presents his views and what he learned in his secret survey of men as 100% gospel on men and what men really want. There are bound to be men who don’t agree with him, who approach life from a different perspective. He openly says women may find the content difficult, but argues the truth about how men think and what they want in relationships is important for women to know if they are going to keep their relationships working well. I didn’t like all of what he said, but I learned a lot and understand it is the truth of life for many men.
  • The course doesn’t discuss a woman’s core values and whether these align with what her partner wants from her. This is an important thing to consider before you take any action in life so that what you do aligns with your core being and values.

What about the good things in Secret Survey?

  • There are no secrets anymore. The silence of the bro-code is broken for you and you get to understand why your relationships may have failed in the past, what men want sexually from women, and when your partner is lying to you and why. You’ll understand exactly how you add to the scenario and how to change it. You’ll get steps to take to create the change. This is good stuff.
  • It’s completely different to most stuff women read on relationships that’s written by the psychology and self-help field, and most importantly it’s written by a man so you can actually get an inside-look at how many men think
  • The Secret Survey was over 1000 men, and at the end of the course you get the actual survey and what men wrote (some of it is out there!) so that will give you insights on how real men out there think about women and what they aren’t willing to tell you to your face
  • Michael does discuss what a ‘douche bag’ man is so women can see where their partner just isn’t being fair or treating them well
  • Really easy and safe online ordering process that is clear
  • The 8 lessons are very empowering for women to understand and use if their partner is like the guys Michael describes and will help women understand how men connect and what makes them fall deeply in love and stay that way

Overall, what do I think?

Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey, otherwise known as What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Could Never Tell You, is one of the best inside looks at how a lot of modern western men think that I have encountered. The author has a great track record in relationship coaching and been invited to lots of TV shows to talk about his unusual and effective methods to rekindle love in relationships and marriages. Secret Survey is packed with this wisdom and it’s written especially for women to understand men better. If you are in a position where you want to think outside the box and learn what men really want from women and how to make your husband love you then you should pick up the course and watch all of it from start to finish. You won’t regret it.

Hope my webpage has helped you.


Click here to visit Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey Official Site

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When you feel like your husband doesn’t love you anymore

It isn’t easy when you feel like love has died.

When you feel like your husband doesn’t love you anymore, or at least acts like he doesn’t. When you’re asking ‘Why my husband doesn’t love me anymore’?

It’s a desperate place.

I know – I’ve been there.

I’ve been lonely inside a relationship. Known the coldness of a warm bed shared with someone who just isn’t into you anymore. I know the fear, I know the heartache and most of all I want to reach out and say – don’t give up – you’re not alone.

There are things you can do at this point when you’ve had enough. Life feels worthless. Empty. You don’t know how long he’ll stick around or until he chases another woman. Hell, you don’t even know if he’s being faithful now – his eyes wander so much.

And worse still, it seems no matter what you do you have no idea how to make a husband love you. All your efforts to give him pleasure seem futile because you don’t know how men think or how to make your husband happy anymore.

Of course, you once did. Or you wouldn’t be together… but those days seem long gone and you can’t believe you’re asking ‘how do I get my husband to love me again’?

There are many reasons love can go stale inside a relationship and let me say that the path back to light is not fast and easy for anyone usually. Miracles aside. It’s about changing habits. And, most importantly, changing the we think. And this goes for women as well as men. We all know the old saying ‘it takes two’ and it does.

Are you ready for change? Ready for what it might take of you? Ready to give it everything and by that I mean be open to looking at the world a new way. Ready to see things from a perspective that will help you understand what are men thinking and how to understand men? If so, I came across a course that offers a path way for that.

But first here are the three things I recommend you must have before you will benefit from the course I recommend on how to make a husband love you:

1. Intention to broaden your perspective and see the world through someone else’s eyes

2. Commitment to change yourself and bring your best self to your relationship

3. Embrace the unknown and try new things and take action

Yes? Yes! Lock in those three things. Commit to them.

And now… With those in place you are ready to be introduced to an amazing eye-opening course called Secret Survey.

As women who want to know how to make your husband happy or how to make your husband love you – this course is GOLD.

I wish I had learned these things years ago!

If you have the above three intentions, I do recommend you check it out.

Click here –> Secret Survey by Michael Fiore

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How to make a husband love you: easy & safe ordering online of Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey

Here’s my demo of getting safely inside Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey. It’s easy! Steps are clear to order Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey easily & safely.

Use paypal whenever you can online to keep your credit details safe!

I think this program is worth every penny for anyone wanting to know how to make a husband love you.

Michael Fiore holds nothing back and tells everything your man wants, how he thinks and what he feels but can’t put into words.
To check out the course click here:  Secret Survey


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The truth about male sexuality and what men really think

The truth about male sexuality and what men really think

In some cultures women are made out to be sexual beasts and in others men are.

Rarely do any cultures widely own their sexuality and embrace it. Our sexuality is often a hidden part of our personality and it seems a lot of men in our culture feel shame about their sexuality when they are with the women they love.

I can certainly say from my practise as a life coach that if men feel that women feel it just as keenly. Women are not generally encouraged to be sexual creatures, openly sharing what they think or feel.

While I don’t agree with everyone’s take on open expression of sexuality – I do think repression is unhealthy.

In all things life works best when we treat others with respect, follow the golden rule of treating others as we wish to be treated, and do no harm to self or others.

With this all in mind, I want to take a quick look at one man’s shared insights into male sexuality.

According to Michael Fiore the creator of Secret Survey, men largely keep their sexual world hidden from women out of shame.

He goes into great detail in his course that’s based on real secret survey results of regular guys exactly what men think and feel sexually about women in day to day life.

This will be eye-opening for many wives out there.

Be warned: you may look at your partner differently after this course!

Apparently what we don’t know is that men are beasts with erotic desires that run through their minds daily, hourly, sometimes minutely. Desires they’ve had to curtail and control and repress so that they are socially acceptable to society and their beloved wives and family.

I don’t know if this is really ‘new’ news?

I mean look at Freud’s studies of sexual repression and sexuality that a lot of modern psychotherapy and human understanding is drawn from. Freud goes deeply into what is taboo sexually.

Totem and Taboo by Sigmund Freud is on Amazon: Totem and Taboo

That said, even though I would say this isn’t ‘new’ it is definitely a modern take on it and an insightful inside look into how some men think and feel sexually. For that reason it’s worthwhile I think to learn about in order to stretch yourself and find new ways to reach out and connect with your man and understand how men think.

Fiore teaches that sex is as important to men as communication and connection is to women.

He teaches about what men really want from women and what men think about sex.

It’s explicit. It’s rated adult. It’s honest.

All the things most men desire and can’t say because they are ridiculed for it are right here in detail. Understanding your partner as a man with strong sexual needs that are beautiful and good is important if you want to know how to make a husband love you again.

Honest Concerns

I have concerns about what Michael Fiore writes in this lesson about men’s sexuality comes from the point of view of power, control and domination.

This is ONLY ONE lense to view life through.

And not all men view it that way. And some women do!

When Fiore says ALL men are like this and hide it I would like to see a blind peer-reviewed survey on this one of men world-wide. This would tell more than this sample of men from – we don’t know where! USA?? Where more children and women die from domestic violence than anywhere else on earth?

I suspect that saying men’s sexuality is ALL about power, validation and domination is the same as saying it sits squarely in the spectrum which leads to domestic violence.

I cannot and will not condone this idea that that is all sex is about for men in the main.

That said – read it and pare out what is useful. Learn what SOME men are like and look for them if you like, or look for different ones!

If you want to know more about power, control, domination and ego and how it plays out in relationships then I recommend a book called ‘Controlling People by Patricia Evans.

She explains very well how people who are controlling objectify people and depersonalise them and how to deal with it. I was in a relationship at the time where my partner was controlling and it took her book for me to understand what was going on and split. I could easily find out it was true by asking simple questions of my partner to see if they in fact did see the world the same way. He told me yes repeatedly! And he proved to be violent.

Now, I know Michael explicitly condemns physically enacted violence towards women to his credit.

But what he doesn’t condemn and in fact condones is men playing out power, control and domination sexually.

The worst I think women will find from listening to this section from Secret Survey is the ability to find out whether their partner is like this.

It’s not necessarily good or bad. Depending on how it plays out.

If you want you will get information from Secret Survey on how to use this knowledge about men who couple power with their sexuality like this to your advantage – in relationship with them if you are so inclined, or by staying away if you prefer this.

Certainly whether I agree with Michael or not it has helped me understand better how to make a husband love you and will do the same for anyone with a questioning mind.

It’s up to you whether you want a man for whom, as Fiore writes, sex is about “power, validation, dominance, ego…  Sex, for men, is about accomplishment. It’s about the seduction. It’s about having the power to give a woman incredible pleasure. It’s about being the guy who can seduce a beautiful woman even when every other guy has failed. And it’s not really about how sex feels physically or even emotionally TO A GUY at all.” (Fiore, Secret Survey, Lesson 8)

If Michael Fiore is right that most men really do think about sex like this then there are far reaching ramifications. This impacts everything in a sexual relationship. How you bring pleasure to your partner. How you allow him to bring pleasure to you…

Also, if it’s true that sex for men is mostly only about power, validation, dominance, ego… then this will impact why men cheat, why they want women to look good, why they need to feel emotionally built up and accepted constantly, why asking ‘does he love me’ hurts them and their ability to connect.

It suggests that many relationships fail because of this one simple fact: women don’t understand that men are chasing power, validation, dominance, ego via relationship.

For me the jury is still out on this presupposition that sex for all men is about chasing power, validation, dominance, ego.

When people see the world through red glasses all the world looks red. When people see the world through glasses of power, validation, dominance, ego, the whole world looks like it exists within a bubble of power dealings, validation or non-validation, dominance or powerlessness, and ego spaces.

It’s only ONE way to look at life.

If we look for men who express their sexuality differently to this we may find men who embody different values.

There are certainly men out there seeking emotional connection and physical pleasure and love through sex WITHOUT power and domination.

I have met these men. They are amazing people and they exist.

I am not saying they don’t have strong sexual needs and fantasies like Michael suggest, what I’m saying is that these men would look in your eyes and gently and honestly tell you that sex is amazing and about connection and love and physical eroticism – not power – for them.

That said: make your own mind up on whether this course will be useful for you.

You can always ‘eat the chicken and spit out the bones’.

Use this chapter of Michaelf Fiore’s Secret Survey as a guide to understand men if you agree, or use it to identify what kinds of men to avoid if you don’t.

And the second half of this section of class 8 will be insightful for many women…

How to make a husband happy sexually

This is where I recommend you take the course. I can’t go into detail here on this public page. It’s explicit content and will help you understand how men really think, what they really want in bed and in a woman.

Read the secret survey about what men really want that comes at the end of the course. Take on Michael Fiore’s suggestion and give them a go. You’ve got nothing to lose, only pleasure to gain!

Click here for My In Depth Review of Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey Course

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What men think about how women look

First Impressions and appearance count in sexual attraction

Do appearances matter more than heart, soul, mind and compatibility for men when they date women? The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes and no. Understand how men think and what they want from women will help you understand how to make a husband love you.

We all will admit if we are honest that someone’s looks affects how attractive they are to us. First impressions count in sexual attraction. Not just at the start, but down the track in a relationship too.

I don’t care how ethical or politically correct you are, or how much you want to say soul and heart and mind and compatibility are the first port of call – they usually are not. End of story.

That’s not to say soul, heart and mind and compatibility are not the most important parts to ongoing and sustainable attraction – in my book they are!

But the fact is that when people first meet they sum one another up visually.

Think about it:

What goes through your mind when you see a gorgeous man with a winning smile who is immaculately dressed and well groomed?

What goes through your head when you see a guy in torn sweat pants and thongs and a shirt with stains on it – and it’s not a painting shirt!?

Before a word is spoken you automatically make judgements based on your perceptions of the world. What you think might be different to what I think. But you will decide something about that person.

As humans we filter everyone the moment we see them. We filter their faces and bodies and appearance for all these things:

  • Recognition & familiarity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Safety
  • Potential mate
  • etc

People make different conclusions based on looks depending on the things they’ve been taught growing up, what they’ve learned.

I might love that man in sweat pants because I have an erotic fantasy about painters. LOL. You might love that immaculately groomed man because he reminds you of the business man you dated when you first started dating.

However you judge these people you judge them and filter them and make meaning of them as people. Your judgments might be true of them or not.

The fact is they are made.

And as relationships go on, judgments keep getting made.

When people meet again every day, every evening, whenever… they sum each other up again. They look for cues as to how someone feels, what they’re doing, etc.

The gender difference in judging visual appearance & sexual attraction

Now, there is a difference between individuals and how fast they go under the physical appearance and get to know more about someone.

And no where is this more apparent than dating, sexuality and romantic love.

Men in general definitely seem to place more emphasis on the ongoing visual appearance when it comes to attraction – not only when meeting women but having relationships with them.

There are women who do this too! I have a good friend who only dates hot sexy men. That is her first criteria, the rest (mind-body-soul) follows once that is checked off.

Many men are the same. That is how men think. And it affects what men really want from women and gives you an idea of how to make your husband happy and how to make a husband love you again.

It’s simple: if you want to make him love you more and feel more attracted to you then you have to appear sexy and attractive to him.

But what is sexy and attractive to him?

Not necessarily what you think and not dressing up like a model necessarily.

Going deeper on understanding sexual attraction for men and what your appearance means to him

I think Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey does a great job of explaining how to keep a guy wanting you and visually attracted to you – and exactly what this means.

WARNING: Day 7 of his course will be considered politically incorrect by many. It does objectify women. Some women will take total offence. Some women will love it because they understand they also judge on appearance.

Michael Fiore does a good job of explaining here how to make him fall in love with you again and keep your marriage spicy!

He explains how men think of women’s appearance. The gory details of how sexual attraction in men works and what it means to a man when their wife dresses up and looks good.

Most importantly and why I recommend this course is that he explains the flaws women have in understanding men and shows exactly how political correctness can take away the spice. He explains what stopping trying to impress him and attract him does to your relationship and how to correct it.

Everyone ready for something not politically correct and wanting to know what men really think check out the course:

Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey

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Men Who Cheat and How to Keep Your Marriage

Men Who Cheat and How to Keep Your Marriage

I don’t condone cheating. Ever. It’s despicable and hurts people when promises are broken.

That said, promiscuity and cheating are so common that we are not unlike other animal species. In fact some animal species are more monogamous than us. This leaves so many of us wondering will he cheat on me? Is he cheating on me?

Cheating Facts:

So it’s not just the douche bag idiot man who cheats. A lot of men cheat and so do a lot of women.

So what’s the problem?

No problem. Just a conflict of social conventions and religion!

We build our families and lives around monogamy.

The moment it’s compromised world’s seem to come tumbling down. Families crumble. Adult hearts break. Children get terribly hurt.

Cheating is breaking monogamy.

 WHY monogamy?

According to monogamy is a noun that means:

  1. marriage with only one person at a time
  2. the practice of having only one mate
  3. the practice of marrying only once during life

Monogamy has long been enrishined as a core structure within society upon which the family and all networks of social interactions revolve. Whether this is the case is irrelevant – what is true is that the church and state tout it as core to society’s well-being and that’s supported by media and books and movies coming out of Hollywood.

We grow up believing monogamy is necessary. People feel devastated when it’s broken by cheating.

Why men cheat

For a man to cheat remember there is always a woman who cheats too. So for a start, let’s not blame men here, but let’s try to understand how men think so we can understand why men cheat on women.

Michael Fiore explains the 3 reasons men cheat on women in part 7 of his course.

These reasons are eye-opening and worth the price of the course just to understand. You may not like these reasons for cheating, but understand them will help cheat proof your relationship.

Warnings about the content

This is another full on week.

While Michael does push the line that humans, men especially, aren’t wired for monogamy, and that long-term monogamy is hard, he also is strong on the point that if people make promises they should keep them. He believes in integrity and honesty.

WARNING: I know many full-on Christians who would find the above ideas hard and unpalatable, and even sinful. That said – Michael’s ideas are still worth listening to.  Especially for Christian women who have cheating husbands!

Here’s why: This will help you know how to keep your marriage.

Whether you agree with his principles or not – broadening your world view is always the way to come up with solutions you don’t have that will change your life for the better. If you want to learn techniques and strategies how to make a husband love you then this is a steep learning curve but a good one.

Michael Fiore is a relationship coach and gives great specific instructions for putting what he teaches into practise.

Check out the course here to see if you like Michael Fiore’s style: Secret Survey

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Why does he look at other women?

Why does he look at other women?

Day 5 of Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey is controversial!

Women, wives, girlfriends – you might HATE this. It’s raw and honest about what men like and not what most women want to hear.

And, men… well, you will probably CRINGE if you know what’s in this. All your secrets are being given away. So – why is Michael Fiore telling all, telling the truth of what men really want and what really goes on in men’s heads?

It’s to help women who want to save relationships and just don’t get how men think and what it means.

In week five, Michael Fiore also covers pornography, what men want from women in their lives, and how to handle porn in your relationship so it doesn’t become a big deal.

He covers what are men thinking when their eyes are wandering.

He covers married love and how men think in relationships. What men think when they look at other women and whether it means your relationship is doomed or not.

This is full on and GOOD STUFF. For those ready for it.

I love Michael Fiore for this lesson – he gets soooo honest and some people won’t be ready to hear it.

But if you are, then you’ll also get great strategies for embracing and living with the truth and how to use it to your advantage.

I am not going to say much about this lesson, except, if you want to know how to make a husband love you, how to handle the man in your life as the man he is, then do yourself a favor and get the course.

WARNING: If you aren’t ready for the real world of what men think, if you aren’t ready to learn how to make a husband love you, if you aren’t ready to learn how to understand men – then don’t CLICK HERE:

Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey


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Does he love me?

According to Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey: There is nothing less sexy and less attractive than an insecure partner.

In my point of view it goes both ways for men and women.

And when a man or woman keep questioning their partners love it is a total turn off.

“Insecurity is extremely unattractive and pushes men away like nothing else….” Michael Fiore says in Secret Survey.

Questioning love is one way insecurity manifests in a relationship.

But insecurity can happen in all sorts of ways. With glances of disbelief. With telling someone their feelings aren’t true. By clinging on and not allowing a partner freedom and trust to live their own life. None of that is the path to how to make a husband love you!

By thinking too much about what could be wrong and looking too deep into small things for signs that things are falling apart women often shipwreck relationships.

That’s not how to be happy and not how to make your husband happy.

I am soooo glad Michael tackles this one from the point of view of a guy.

This is a total breath of fresh air and women who are insecure need to listen and then shift their thinking and strategies for detecting love so they find love instead of find betrayal.

Remember what we focus on we find to the exclusion of everything else.

And when we focus on worry and on lack of love women create exactly the opposite of the married love they want – instead of finding more love they lost it. Out of the worry he doesn’t love her anymore, she drives away the very love she wants!

If you are this woman – stop it!

Men don’t like it. It’s a turn off. What men want in a relationship is a confident woman who trusts them.

What Michael Fiore does in this lesson is awesome. If you are guilty of this check out his page and see what you think of this course. He gives fixes and methods for change. And his insights and candidness will teach you something for sure.

If it’s so obvious that this is what’s happening then why do so many women deflect men’s compliments and make him prove he loves her over and over again, until he gives up?

I think it’s selfish. It’s being driven by fear of loss and fear of not having love. But the fact is it’s not loving to the guy we’re with.

If you’re so insecure you can’t, then do the exercises at the end of this part of the course and learn how men think.

When I did it made a huge difference.

My story:

I used to be so insecure that I asked if a devoted man loved me. The truth is we can’t see love if we don’t love ourselves. Whatever is in us is what we’ll find. If it’s not there, we won’t be able to find it.

I’ve been with a man who did this to me and I 100% understand that it feels toxic and I even told the guy in question that his insecurity was driving me nuts and that he had to go fix his confidence levels so we could stay together. In the end I had to escape. Over insecurity shipwrecks relationships!

It might sound harsh, but I once loved a guy like you wouldn’t believe, I wanted to marry him, and I didn’t care his ex was on his face book wall or that she turned up and asked him back and said she loved him still – I trusted him totally, I knew he was into me and I loved him – but here’s the clanger – he didn’t trust me.

He was so insecure he couldn’t be happy alone. He wanted every moment of attention every day, every hour and even when I was trying to relax he wanted to be the focus of my attention. Like I said, I would have married him, but I couldn’t. It was cloying and scared me. Like many guys, I like my freedom and like being trusted. Insecurity sucks and is the biggest turn off.

Basically, a healthy relationship happens between two secure people.

An insecure person is always giving away their power and their belief in themselves. Get it sorted by doing this course. And if you need to, get a coach and some therapy so you can be confident and the totally awesome and attractive person you want to be. And – get some NLP which is life changing.

The truth is that you cannot make a husband love you

Love is best when control and power is off the table. When you don’t control them and they don’t control you.

The one person you can control and take responsibility for is yourself.

Once you love yourself and understand how your man thinks then you will find yourself being the woman he loves and adores. It works.

There are some other great concepts that fit in with NLP in this weeks lesson from Michael that fit with NLP, including you can’t make a man happy. And he can’t make you happy. As I said above, we are all responsible for our own happiness. The last guy I was with didn’t get this.

It’s not about you.

It’s really important to get this. Again, I’ve experienced this and I relate to not being able to multi-task. My ex made everything I did about him. Any small request to change something like ‘please can you rinse off those dishes before I wipe them’ became conversations like ‘I’m just not good enough for you!’ or ‘you don’t love me’. It drove me nuts. Anything he didn’t like became about him not being loved or good enough. Ladies, some men do it, but we do it a lot more. Another one to stop.

And there’s a few other important things to understand he covers in the course that come from NLP and hypnosis. As you know, if you read my contact me page, I’m a NLP coach and totally support Michael’s teaching here. We all need to stop being the victim. Love how Michael applies it to relationships. Victims never win because they are victims. Blaming guys isn’t the answer. Be the amazing you that you want to be. Stop blaming you partner for anything they do wrong and you will be much happier. It doesn’t mean abuse is okay or cheating is ok, but what it does mean is that you take responsibility and get control of your emotions. Michael’s lesson on reframing here is awesome and in my point of view if anyone learns this one they will get more value than what they pay for the entire course. Learning how to choose to be responsible for all you feel is the key to happiness in every situation you can think of.

Check out the course for ten lessons that will help you understand how to make a husband love you: Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey.

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Why doesn’t he compliment me anymore?

Lesson 3 of Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey again is blunt and to the point about why he doesn’t compliment you anymore and is helpful for women wanting to know how to make a husband love you.

If he doesn’t compliment you it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you, admire you, think you’re sexy or even love you!

It means you conditioned him not to give you compliments anymore.

Yes, easy and hard to take.

Do you question his compliments? Deny his emotional truth when he admires you? Worse still, tell him not to look at you in admiration as if you’re the hottest thing on earth?

I love how Michael explains in plain-speak numerous examples and set-ups of where women are actually being idiots and destroying what they really want from their men – compliments and attention.

Michael explains how women emotionally carstrate their husbands without realizing it so they feel totally unable to give compliments anymore.

The toughest thing about his straight-forward teaching is he shows women exactly how men think and how to get inside the head of a man who appears to have fallen out of love and to understand why they’re holding back.

This is gold for women wanting to know how to make your husband fall in love with you again.

Michael goes deep on this dynamic that is so widespread and destroying a lot of relationships.

I love Michael’s ability to simplify things. I think the things he tackles in this lesson are common to many women (which is sad) but he not only spots the issue, but gives some great strategies to begin changing them. Including a self-esteem building exercise so women can get back into the space where compliments and attention are flowing beautifully again. Love Michael’s candid take on relationships and straight forward strategies for change. Implementable.

Michael Fiore give 3 Fantastic lessons in Secret Survey that will move you into a space where you’ll be ready for him to compliment you again.

I can vouch that each of these exercises work and help both parties feel great. It’s about what men life and what women like.

Implementing each of these in my life and in my relationship not only made me feel great, but made it easy for my partner to express himself and his love and adoration for me. Wonderful lessons that create a wonderful space where you know exactly how to make a husband love you.

The Secret Survey Site: Click Here


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Why men lie

Oh the controversy here! I love it!

Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey Lesson 2 dishes up some home truths that many women won’t want to hear but  need to know if they want to know how to make a husband love you!

Fact: Men lie to women.

Fact: All people lie.

Fact: Men want to please women and create happiness for them.

Fact: Men are scared of strong female emotions.

Fact: Lying is often a way to avoid strong female emotions or to create happiness for their woman!

Once you accept these facts you can hear the great answers to the question why men lie to women.

The truth is there is truth to this one – men tell white lies to women to avoid emotional outbursts and emotional problems.

We may not like it. We not agree with it. It may clash hugely with our values. But until we accept it’s a fact in our relationship we can’t move forward and measure what kinds of lies are being told, what we’re doing to force our men into corners, and how we can take responsibility to help change it.

It’s a fact. Putting our heads in the sand as women won’t work, accepting what is, and working out was to do with it is essential to move forward.

So take a deep breath and listen to this one, be open minded, listen again, and then decide what you want to do.

And before you yell and scream at me – Of course some lies aren’t ok! It’s up to you to set your standard, but they hopefully include: lies about cheating, lies about profession, lies about money.

I don’t agree with all that Michael Fiore teaches in this from an ethical perspective, but it depends whether you want to accept human nature and ‘what is’ or live with a romantic or ideal fantasy of what should be. Knowing how men think is important if you want to know how to make your husband happy.

Unhappy husbands tell more white lies. Men don’t like displeasing women. I think for people asking how to make a husband love you then this is really important to understand. Men and women do think differently. Many men will tell you white lies to keep you happy. Keeping you happy is what drives them.

This is good news for women wanting married love to last and wanting to know how to make him love you more. The trick to keep your marriage is to learn how to make him want you more. Once you know how to make your husband fall in love with you because you know how to understand men, then you’ll be much closer to being happy yourself.

Just as you desire your man to know what you really want and serve it up to you, it’s important to know what men really want too.

Be open and ready to learn a new way of thinking. The way men think.

Fiore doesn’t hold back when he highlights the differences in men and women so women can see we are treating our men the wrong way and that mistake impacts every way we relate. I admit I have never understood this aspect until hearing this lesson and am glad for the insight on what many men are life, whether I like it or not. I have asked myself ‘why does he lie’ and never had answers and my solutions never worked. Now I understand why he lies and how my reactions add to the unhealthiness of a relationship too.

So, when asking how to make a husband love you this is a not to miss lesson that will give some answers to why he lies.

Wow! I can’t say I agree with his advice, but what I did certainly didn’t work. This one is worth a go. All we’ve got to lose is our relationships and we have to ask as women ‘do we want ‘right’ or do we want a good relationship and to know how to make a husband love you?

You can find out more about this course here and see whether you agree with me! Let me know.

Click here for Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey: What men desperately want you to know but could never tell you.

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